Friday, July 12, 2013

Recently I discovered Nail Art and the meditational value of nail polishing :) My first experiments were fueled by numerous tutorials on youtube and jaw-dropping creations shown by some serious nail bloggers.
Highly motivated I tried some nail art techniques like stamping or gradients and got some astoundingly pretty designs. Some of them I liked so much, I decided I need to document how I managed to do them and which nail polishes I used.
So here I come with my first pics.

To hide the growing out line of my acrylic nails I tried out some simple glitter gradient (Gold fever by Essence) over two layers of Essie's A crewed interest. It was a bit too sparkly for my regular business day, but I thought it was not thaaat flashy, really pretty -  and most important, it absolutely covered the bump of my acrylic nails. A great way to "wait" for the next appointment at the nail studio.

In direct sunlight