Monday, September 15, 2014

31CD2014, Day 03: Mint Polish Tart

Last week I only managed to do one mani for the  31 Day Challenge - Yellow Nails:

I wanted to do a floral mani for ages, so it took my favorite yellow - the cute Tart by Mint Polish (reviewed here) - and set to work.

I used my small nail art brush and acrylic paint. I mixed white and black paints and layered different shades of grey over each other - darker grey first, then light grey, then some medium grey on top.
I love how cute this mani looks!

I'm always surprised, that it doesn't take ages to do such a mani. Maybe because it looks like you'd need hours to paint all these small flowers. But believe me, it's much faster - the flowers don't have to be perfect, just small. A tiny, cut down brush does the trick for me. Check out this tutorial  on how to cut your brushes.

Base Color: Tart by Mint Polish, bought through their website with delivery to Germany. Hypnotic Polish is also an option if you are located in Europe.
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

31DC2014, Day 02: advanced stamping

Topic #2 for the  31 Day Challenge is Orange Nails. Orange is so not my color, so I didn't even have an idea what to do until I saw this vintage wallpaper pattern on Pinterest:

I've searched through my stamping plates and came up with this:

This time I tried the advanced stamping technique - coloring the design on the stamper and then stamp over a slightly tacky top coat as shown in this tutorial.
Although the technique on itself worked great for me, I'm less than thrilled with my nails. Somehow the final design doesn't work for me... :-/ But good to know this technique is pretty easy, so I can do better next time ;)

Base color: Essence Flashy Pumpkin
Stamping: pattern from MoYou Pro XL 06 plate, stamped with Mundo de Uñas Chocolate. Flowers colored with OPI My Vampire Is Buff

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

31DC2014, Day 1: Strawberry Nails

Already late with the first post for the 31 Day Challenge, here I come with "Day1: red nails".

I wanted to do strawberry nails for ages. So finally, with the autumn looming over Hamburg I decided it's high time to do it. My inspiration is this fantastic mani by Coewlesspolish.

Base color: Hot tomato red by Inglot #724 (bought on my holiday in NY) and Barry M Coconut
Strawberries: free handed with a thin brush and Inglot #724 and two additional shades of red. Leaves is China Glaze Starboard. Yellow dots are KBShimmer Chick Me Out

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31 Day Challenge 2014

Although it took me almost a year (beat that!!! :D) to finish the last 31 Day Challenge, I decided to join in again for the 31DC2014. I seldom manage more than two manis a week, so it'd probably will take ages again. Let's say, it's more the topics than the tight schedule I have to follow ;)
However, I feel like I've learned so much trying to follow the topics last year - especially all these "inspired by ..." topics. So call me crazy, but I'm doing it again :)

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