Monday, March 24, 2014

Mint Polish Full Bodied

With my nails being shorter than usual, I decided to wear one of my new Mint polishes called Full Bodied.  It's a very cool & very vampy blood-red polish with a fantastic jelly formula. Shown with just two coats and a top coat.

Did you ever see a jelly with such coverage?!?  I cannot even express how I love the color! Up close, it has this amazing depth and translucence only a jelly can have.

I don't even remember how I stumbled upon this brand, but I'm so happy I did! Mint is a Californian Indie-brand, their polishes are 5-free. I ordered via their online shop and prepared to wait for ages for the delivery to Germany. But my polishes arrived really fast - I think within one week or so. Yay!!! :)
It's finally spring here, so I'm looking forward to try out the pastel one-coaters, I ordered together with this polish.

The polish has a nice shine by itself, but since I probably end up wearing it for next four days, I've added a top coat. The polish is so smooth it actually mirrored my overhead lamp in this picture...

What do you think of this color?
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

31DC2013, Day 26: Inspired by a pattern

I must confess, I was a bit of a chicken to proceed with the next topic of the 31 Day Challenge 2013. I played with the idea of using one of my stamping plates - I mean there are so many fantastic patterns out there (think MoYou!!!)... But a challenge is a challenge, so for me that meant a free-hand pattern.
I got a fabulous body butter for Xmas, which also has a pretty retro style pattern on its cover. So here I come with my Inspired by a pattern mani:

I really love the color combination - it's quite bold with all this bright turquoise and orange and a bit of mustard yellow, but somehow it really works, right?

It took ages again - two episodes of The Blacklist to be exact ;) - but it wasn't as difficult as it might look. I didn't have to be very precise and that was really relaxing for a change. I even managed to do the right hand pretty well. I used acrylic paint and a very thin paint brush and a dotting tool.

Base color: fantastic gelly-ish creme called Pure Turquoise by Barry M
Pattern: acrylic paint
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