Monday, October 5, 2015

[#WNAC2015] October Holos: Splatter

October theme for #wnac2015 is holos. The first prompt was Splatter Nails. Let me tell you these are my first and also last splatter nails! :D

I've managed to splatter the polish EVERYWHERE by my nails at first... This is definitive the messiest nail art I've ever done. No way I'm going through this clean-up-madness again :D
I couldn't take any decent pictures, since I've done my nails at night, but believe me these holo polishes sparkle like crazy.

Base color: berry holo dream called Shock Dance Legend
Splatter: Seche Mémoire (one coater!), SpectraFlair top coat by Silly Lilly
Mega-Glitter: sponged some of the spectacular Queen by F.U.N. Lacquer
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