Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Aqua dotticure

Hello ladies, my next mani an aqua colored dotticure:

Couple of months ago I've seen a beautiful mermaid scales mani at one of my favorite blogs -  The Nail Polish Challenge. I thought the idea was awesome and wanted to recreate this mani for ages. I should have looked at the pictures again before dotting away- I forgot to order the dots in the scale pattern. I still like the result, but it's not even close to Kelli's pure awesomness.

I used different shades of teal/mint green and my biggest dotting tool. It did take some time to create this mani, but it was exceptionally easy :)
  • China Glaze Kinetic Candy (lightest aqua shade)
  • Kiko #344 (medium aqua shade)
  • Kiko #387 ("dirty" aqua )
  • Kiko #527 (aqua shimmer)
  • Kiko #530 (dark glitter)
Next time I'm definitely going for more glitter and more darker dots, like in my inspiration :)
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