About Me

Hey, welcome to my blog! My name is Lena and I'm a nail polish addict from a beautiful city of Hamburg.

I'm an IT specialist in my thirties and love my job. But being a nerd didn't extinguish my passion for girly stuff - bags, shoes, fashion, chick lit and stuff. Last year I discovered nail art and the meditational value of nail polishing. A lot of nail designs are still a huge challenge for me - straight lines without a tape, for example. But there are so many really talented nail art bloggers out there, I never run out of inspiration and motivation to get better :).

Apart from my nail polish addiction I love to travel, dance, learn languages, meet with friends and hang out with my hubby. I'm an eternal optimist and always look at the bright side of life :)
I'm happy to hear from you, so please comment, ask questions and share your nail art secrets with me :)
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