Sunday, February 28, 2016

See you on Instagram!

Hi everyone! In case you've wondered what happened to me and my blog, there is one simple answer:  Alex.

Our little son couldn't wait to see the world and arrived a bit earlier then planned. Since November he's occupying my every free second, so this is my first mani since then :)
I cannot be happier, but there's no time for blogging at the moment. So I decided to take a break and will be posting only on Instagram for a while. So stay in touch on IG!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

[#WNAC2015] October Holos: Splatter

October theme for #wnac2015 is holos. The first prompt was Splatter Nails. Let me tell you these are my first and also last splatter nails! :D

I've managed to splatter the polish EVERYWHERE by my nails at first... This is definitive the messiest nail art I've ever done. No way I'm going through this clean-up-madness again :D
I couldn't take any decent pictures, since I've done my nails at night, but believe me these holo polishes sparkle like crazy.

Base color: berry holo dream called Shock Dance Legend
Splatter: Seche Mémoire (one coater!), SpectraFlair top coat by Silly Lilly
Mega-Glitter: sponged some of the spectacular Queen by F.U.N. Lacquer
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Banana Mani with topa topa

To celebrate the last rays of sun in the face of upcoming autumn and winter (which is all doom and gloom here in Northern Europe), I decided to do a cheerful summer mani:

This mani just made me smile - I kept hearing Minons shouting "Bananaaa!!!" in my head :D
I've created stamping decals with the plate TP01 by topa topa. I love this plate, but somehow I managed to spoil the perfection of this fun banana image by having some bubbles under my decals :-/ (especially on my little finger). Fortunately you can see then only if you are very close ;)

Base color: electric blue Kiko #336
Stamping decals: cheerful banan from topa topa plate TP01 stamped with Mundo de Uñas black and filled in with KBShimmer Chick Me Out. Read More......

Friday, September 18, 2015

[#WNAC2015] September Jewel Tones: Mix N Match

This time my jewel for #wnac2015 is sapphire. I chose to mix two delicate patterns and silver:

Both patterns are from the the ÜberChic stamping plate 1-03 from the Collection 1.These plates are just amazing - just look how wonderfully intricate the patterns are! Me likey! :)

Base color: Tristam by A-England (one thick or two thin coats)
Stamping: patterns from ÜberChic stamping plate 1-03 (ordered from their online shop with shipping to Germany) stamped with Mundo de Uñas Silver.
Silver nail: textured polish Maxibelt Arena Plata, bought on holiday in South America Read More......

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

[#WNAC2015] September Jewel Tones: Dry Marble

These were my jewel toned nails for the last week's topic of #wnac2015. Although I could always do another emerald green, I decided to go for amethyst:

Dry marbling is not my favorite technique - I'm just not the type for these colorful swirls/flowers. So believe me, to do the nails for this topic was a challenge. But in the end I quite like the result. I can imagine doing another mani, I just have to stay in the same color scheme. 

I just had to show you the Dance Legend holo polish in the sun!

Base Color: Essie Lapis Of Luxurythe holo-dream on my ring finger is Dance Legend Fallen Angel (two coats)
Dry Marble: Dance Legend Fallen Angel and Dance Legend Pulsar.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

[#WNAC2015] September Jewel Tones: Stained Glass

I could't resist to join into the last topic of weekly nail art  challenge 2015(#wnac2015): stained glas in jewel tones. I'm in love with my emerald-gold mani! The color and the holo particles are just gorgeous in the sun:

I used acrylic paint to draw the lines. Do you notice, I'm getting better - the lines are almost straight!.Yeeey! :) 

My base color is the beautiful Il était un vernis called In Teal We Trust. This polish is perfection: fantastic formula, almost full coverage in one coat, smooth finish with a lot of depth. I used two coats here.
The glitter polish is not another brand, but In Teal We Trust, mixed with gold holographic topper China Glaze Angel Wings. I mixed a drop of ITWT with two/three drops of Angel Wings and added a drop of nail polish thinner - this way the mix was a bit more fluid and didn't dry so fast.

In the indirect light of my photo box the mani looses some of it glittery magic, but under direct electric light the small holo particles come alive again:

Base color: Il était un vernix called In Teal We Trust
Glitter Polish: In Teal We Trust mixed with China Glaze Angel Wings and a drop of nail polish thinner
Lines: acrylic paint and a thin liner brush

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stripes with Color Club Pastel Neons

Hey everyone,

I'm back after a small break. Enjoying the last summer days I decided to try out my new Color Club pastel neon polishes and a new technique for stripes:

I like the look, but I must admit I almost got mad, doing all these stripes :D I got the idea from an IG tutorial made by @nailyourideas and wanted to try it for ages. The technique looked pretty easy:

  1. Paint some squares with different polishes on a smooth surface and let them dry completely.
  2. Peel off the squares and cut them into stripes. 
  3. Arrange the stripes on your nails, top coat everything and you're done!
I spend first minutes trying to cut straight stripes with my regular kitchen scissors - a nightmare ;) Then almost an hour putting the stripes on my left hand and top coating it three times... I'd never get such straight lines using a brush, but I guess I don't have that much patience... However, I can imagine using this technique for wider stripes or other shapes.

As for my new polishes, as expected, I really loved the colors. Most colors on my nails are from Color Club Pastel Neon collection. I would have liked a wider brush, but the colors are so cute, I don't care ;) I got the polishes from the Spanish shop Elyt. My first package got lost on the way to Germany, so it wasn't as smooth transaction as I expected, but Carmen - the owner of the shop - was super friendly and arranged a replacement. Thank you!

Base color: white by Mesauda
Stripes: darker violett Essie Sittin' Pretty, thin neon green stripes Nabi Pastel Neon 177, others are Color Club Meet Me At The Rink(blue), Disco's Not Dead(yellow), Feathered Hair Out To There (bubble gum pink), 'Til The Record Stops (pale green), Hot Hot Hot Pants (peachy neon)
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