Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stripes with Color Club Pastel Neons

Hey everyone,

I'm back after a small break. Enjoying the last summer days I decided to try out my new Color Club pastel neon polishes and a new technique for stripes:

I like the look, but I must admit I almost got mad, doing all these stripes :D I got the idea from an IG tutorial made by @nailyourideas and wanted to try it for ages. The technique looked pretty easy:

  1. Paint some squares with different polishes on a smooth surface and let them dry completely.
  2. Peel off the squares and cut them into stripes. 
  3. Arrange the stripes on your nails, top coat everything and you're done!
I spend first minutes trying to cut straight stripes with my regular kitchen scissors - a nightmare ;) Then almost an hour putting the stripes on my left hand and top coating it three times... I'd never get such straight lines using a brush, but I guess I don't have that much patience... However, I can imagine using this technique for wider stripes or other shapes.

As for my new polishes, as expected, I really loved the colors. Most colors on my nails are from Color Club Pastel Neon collection. I would have liked a wider brush, but the colors are so cute, I don't care ;) I got the polishes from the Spanish shop Elyt. My first package got lost on the way to Germany, so it wasn't as smooth transaction as I expected, but Carmen - the owner of the shop - was super friendly and arranged a replacement. Thank you!

Base color: white by Mesauda
Stripes: darker violett Essie Sittin' Pretty, thin neon green stripes Nabi Pastel Neon 177, others are Color Club Meet Me At The Rink(blue), Disco's Not Dead(yellow), Feathered Hair Out To There (bubble gum pink), 'Til The Record Stops (pale green), Hot Hot Hot Pants (peachy neon)