Friday, May 22, 2015

Advanced stamping with UberChic stamping plate 1-02

After ruining my nails with water sports during my holiday and suffering for at least 3 weeks afterwords, I'm finally happy to be able to do my nails again. Yeey!

The nail art community was going crazy over the ÜberChic stamping plates in the last months, so of course, I had to have them too ;) The flower image comes from the plate 1-02 from the Collection 1.

I've tried the stamping decal technique before, but never managed to get it right - either I would mess up the placing of the image or the decal would melt on the cuticle line during clean up.

This time I tried a new advanced stamping method - colouring the image and transferring it to the nail directly, without covering it with a top coat first. I still managed to smudge it a bit, but I'm totally amazed how easy it was.
There are tons of tutorials on advanced stamping, one of the first I've seen was this one by Lucy's Stash. Another one of my favourites is by San-tie Nails:

Base color: Flormar Matte White Board and two coats of Pierre René #236
Stamping decal: flower image from ÜberChic plate 1-02 stamped with MdU polish Blue Navy from the Frozen set , filled with Essie Bikini So Teeny. Read More......