Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How To: easy clean up

Everyone knows what a mess a gradient or water marbling can be. My cuticles are very dry, so I try to avoid using too much nail polish remover on my skin. This post is about some great ideas of how to minimize your clean up.

Easy gradients with masking fluid

Couple of moths ago I saw this genius trick: use masking fluid to protect your cuticles!
Masking fluid is a kind of liquid latex, used in watercolor painting to preserve areas of the painting you want to remain white. Once the fluid is dry, it has a waxy, rubbery surface and paint won't stick to it. Check out this youtube video to see how it works in watercolor.

Some fellow nail addicts use white PVC glue to protect the skin around the nails. Masking fluid has a similar effect, but it is water resistant - which is perfect, if you want to rinse your hands while your gradient is drying and you're not completely done yet.
Normally, I'd apply a thin coat of the masking fluid around my nails and let it dry. After I did my gradient, I'd just rub the layer off.
Masking fluid is also called frisket or liquid mask (Rubbelkrepp or Maskierflüssigkeit in German and маскировочная жидкость in Russian).

Tape: remove excess stamping 

Wacky Lacki posted this great tip for stamping cleanup. It works like a charm! If you're fast you can even remove stamping from your nail, if it didn't turn out well.
Check out the full tutorial by clicking on the pic:

Tape for water marbling

Taping your nails is very easy, but you cannot tape both hands at the same time - a no go for gradients. But it works perfectly for water marbling. My Simple Little Pleasures has a great tutorial on how to do it:

Do you have any tricks? Please share! :)