Monday, April 21, 2014

My own glitter polish: so much fun!!!

After seeing some franken polishes at Nagellack 2.0, I decided it would be fun to mix one myself. I ordered some glitter from Glitter Unique and had fun messing around in my living room.

I used an old base coat bottle, some clear polish from Essence and three metal balls (stainless steel balls from Ebay). I couldn't find any suspension base for a reasonable price with delivery to Germany, so if you know a supplier, please let me know!

I just mixed different types of glitters - without a system or plan. A what a fun it was! :)
Add some glitter - shake - check the result - add some glitter - shake - check the result, etc...
I started with half empty bottle - even less than half. I used a simple paper funnel to direct the glitter into the bottle, but it was still a bit of a glittery mess. So make sure you have a piece of paper to cover your table.

Since it was my first glitter polish, at some point I've added too much of everything :-D  So I had to add a lot of clear polish to make my polish fluid again ;). So be careful with the amount of glitter!

Without the suspension base the glitter settles down very fast, but a good shake and the topper can be used again. At least I had fun mixing it ;)

What do you think? Did you try to mix yourself? How did it go?