Monday, April 14, 2014

Going gangsta with Hexnailjewelry

After the cute pastel mani from last week I wanted to do something dark and cool for our girls night out. So here are my bad-ass gangsta nails I wore last weekend :D :

The B*ch charm is from Hexnailjewelry. It is pretty small, so unless people look at it very closely,  no one is noticing what's saying. I even wore it to work today. Pencil skirt, silk blouse and professional expression included. This charm kept me grinning all day :D

This time I didn't cover it with top coat as I did here, just pressed into a wet top coat. The charm was pretty flat at first, so I bent it over a pencil to match the curve of my nails.

Base coat: A-England Camelot
Glitter: China Glaze I'm not A Lion
Charm:  Hexnailjewelry bought online (they deliver to Europe and the shipping costs are absolutely ok!)