Wednesday, November 19, 2014

31DC2014, Day 06: Seche Ornate and HeHe Plate

Totally happy and relaxed I'm back after four weeks of holiday! :)

Here comes the violet mani for the 31 Day Challenge (which every normal person did in Septemer ;)).  With this post I can show you two great things: my new Seche polish and a new stamping plate:

Everyone in the Nail Art world knows Seche Vite top coat, but only few of us in Germany have tried Seche polishes. Ornate was my first Seche polish and is absolutely fantastic. The  formula is perfect - self leveling one coater! I'm definitely going for more Seche polishes in the future!

The color is also quite unusual - not your typical purple and not blue, but kind of flashy violett. Me likey!!!

Another great thing in this mani is the pattern from my new Hehe stamping plate I got on Aliexpress:

The plate is perfectly etched and gives a crispy image:

I'm not an expert on stamping (always scraping and pushing too hard), but even with my skills the stamp turned out beautiful!

Base coat: one coat of Seche Ornate, bought in a sale at TK Maxx in Hamburg. Cabree also sells Seche polishes with shipping to Europe.
Stamping: the pattern from the héhé 004 bought on Aliexpress with international shipping, stamped with Essie Good as Gold