Thursday, October 23, 2014

31CD2014, Day 05: Blue gradient with Mesauda #91

Going in my snail paste through the topics of September's 31 Day Challenge, I went for a blue gradient. As you can see I still cannot manage the perfect transition ;), but the colors are nice, right?
I used my new Mesauda polish as a base:

Mesauda is an Italian brand which is rather unknown here in Germany. And what a pity it is! The formula was great and the coverage was really good. I found that the their polishes have better coverage than most of my OPIs.
I've got some beautiful polishes on my trip to Bulgaria for some 6-8€. And I've seen some on Ebay for just around 3-4€.

Base color: Mesauda #91
Gradient: p2 Crazy Beauty, Kiko #336 and Kiko Poker #5 (got them in a Kiko Shop here in Hamburg) and just a hint of Essie Midnight Cami on the very tip of my nails.