Friday, July 4, 2014

Roses with Dance Legend 186

I was seeing these beautiful floral manis all over the internet - roses, sunflowers, violets, daisies... I decided it's time I learn how to paint flowers. So here is my fist attempt on roses:

I didn't know how to create this shading on petals, so I watched countless tutorials on youtube. Just search for roses... and spend the evening glued to the screen ;)

I used nail polishes and a very, very thin brush which I cut down as shown in this post (scroll down, there is a link to a tutorial how to cut your brushes).

It was a bit easier than I thought and surprisingly didn't take ages. The main thing is actually to have a thin brush and try to paint with very light strokes. I tried not to press the brush too mush, just barely touch the nail. Frankly, at first it looked really bad, but my top coat blended the colors together and it looks kind of cute now, right? 

The Dance Legend polish #186, which I used as my canvas is "solar active"  - it changes color to pink, when exposed to the sun. In my case the effect wasn't as as strong as shown on their shop page, but it was still very pretty - maybe I just move my hands to much when I talk :D. And the shadow/indoors color is just pure elegance for me. As for the formula, it's a dream - not streaky, self-levelling and fast drying. I'm wearing two coats.

Base color: sun active Dance Legend Magic Sun polish #186, bought online in their shop. If you are in Germany or North Europe, Hypnotic Polish  shop would be a better option.
Roses: pink Inglot 674 (from my NY trip), white highlights with Barry M Coconut (got it in here, Germany only )
Leaves: Formula X Fearless (the same NY haul) and darker Leighton Denny Femme Fatale (TK Maxx outlet)