Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ming nails with water decals

Couple of weeks ago I've ordered these Born Pretty Store decals and finally got to use them:

This mani reminds me on so many things: Spanish tiles - azulejos, Chinese Ming vases,  Russian Gzhel porcelain...

These are the original decals, but as you see the color on my nails is slightly different -  a beautiful royal blue. Instead of applying the full decal to my nails I cut out single flowers for lighter coverage.

I always forget how simple it is, to use water decals. To make it even easier, I always put some water on my "target" nail as well - this way I'm able to move the decal on my nail and see what position or angle works best for me.

If you're not a Michelangelo with a nail art brush or just simply don't have time for intricate manicures, decals are for you. As for me, I like the result and will definitely go for deals again!

Base color: Cult Nail Tempest
Flowers: water decals #1619 from  Born Pretty Store