Sunday, September 29, 2013

31DC2013: Day 07, Black & White Nails

I must admit, I went a little bit crazy on stamping since I got my Cheeky stamping plates. It's so much fun to stamp with them, that I just cannot stop :D. As you can clearly see on my black-and-white day of the 31 Day Challenge ;).

Except for my index finger, on which I used striping tape, all other patterns come from the fantastic Cheeky stamping plates I ordered online here.
Base color & stripes: Cult Nails Tempest (the "easiest" white I own, bought directly from Cult Nails with delivery to Germany) and Cult Nails Fetish: oh my, it's the grungy, almost matte black. It looked mega cool on its own, so next time I'm feeling like a rock babe, I'm wearing it with studs!
Stamping: Patterns form Cheeky Jumbo plate A and 2013 Plate "Musical Nails" , stamped with Jolfin black stamping polish.