Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doppelgänger by Different Dimension

Oh, I just love polishing my nails! It really relaxes me. By now I have a huge collection of polishes and stamping patterns, and with all those nail art blogs to have as inspiration, it is a really hard to decide what to try out next :).
Couple of weeks ago I bought some fabulous indie nail polishes from Different Dimension on Etsy. Doppelgänger was one of them. It is a grey tinted jelly polish with pink glitter and small hexes. There are also some big silvery hexes, which I tried to avoid this time. Without any base color, this grey base didn't go well with my skin tone, so I had to try something else. I tried to be creative and used a new stamping pattern. I really love how it came out!

I tried to use the dark grey Astor polish I have on my ring finger also for stamping, but it didn't work out well, so I had to switch to the gunmetal grey color from China Glaze Romantique collection.

Base color: just one coat of P2 Volume Gloss 020 Business Woman (pale mauve/lavender color) and dark greige Astor Quick'N Go! 324 for my ring fingers.
Stamping: pattern from OB-NAIL XXL Plate E bought on Ebay from us-nails-arena, stamped with China Glaze Awaken (gunmetal silver).
Glitters:Doppelgänger by DIfferent Dimension
Seche Vite as top coat.