Monday, August 19, 2013

My first water marble

I've heard that water marbling can be annoying, frustrating and messy. Even some of nail art gurus like for example Nailasaurus say "Never again!". So it was kind of understandable that it took me some time to take my chances with marbling. 
I was going for more subtle look I can wear to work, so I went for the pink/dusty rose color combo and decided to do just two nails on each hand. It wasn't that bad! 

Base color: white (China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around) on index and ring fingers and Essie Eternal Optimist on others
Marbling and Gradient: Essie Eternal Optimist and China Glaze Emotion
Glitters: Northern Lights Top Coat + Seche Vite

I taped my fingers like shown in the video below (btw, the channel of SimpleLittlePleasures has other nice tutorials) and used tap water. Starting from the second drop my polished didn't spread well, so I moved the cup a little back and forth and it helped a little. It was fun to create patterns and think how it might look on your nail, so I'll definitely marble again!