Thursday, June 25, 2015

Uberchic Plate 2-02: gingham check nails

It was really hard to decide which image to take from my new ÜberChic stamping plates. This simple, but cool pattern comes from plate 2-02 from the Collection 2. The image and the etching are flawless, it's my stamping skills which aren't spectacular. ;) It seems, I just cannot stamp straight lines. But I like this mani anyway! Somehow this candy color combination is just cute and reminds me of the  girly dresses from the fifties. :)

Base colors: I'm not 100% sure about which polishes I used, but it has to be Mesauda #91 and matte pink Inglot  #702, which I covered with Seche Vite afterwards.
Stamping: ÜberChic plate 2-02 stamped with MdU polish Holland Blue from the Frozen set.
Studs: pastel colored mini studs from Born Pretty Store