Monday, September 15, 2014

31CD2014, Day 03: Mint Polish Tart

Last week I only managed to do one mani for the  31 Day Challenge - Yellow Nails:

I wanted to do a floral mani for ages, so it took my favorite yellow - the cute Tart by Mint Polish (reviewed here) - and set to work.

I used my small nail art brush and acrylic paint. I mixed white and black paints and layered different shades of grey over each other - darker grey first, then light grey, then some medium grey on top.
I love how cute this mani looks!

I'm always surprised, that it doesn't take ages to do such a mani. Maybe because it looks like you'd need hours to paint all these small flowers. But believe me, it's much faster - the flowers don't have to be perfect, just small. A tiny, cut down brush does the trick for me. Check out this tutorial  on how to cut your brushes.

Base Color: Tart by Mint Polish, bought through their website with delivery to Germany. Hypnotic Polish is also an option if you are located in Europe.