Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day mani

Being a romantic at heart I had to do a Valentine's day mani :). I wanted to so something special, but not the typical pink roses / red hearts stuff. Thank god, there are such fantastic nail art bloggers like Meghan of Will Paint Nails For Food. I saw her stained glass Valentine's mani and loved it instantly. I was determined to re-create it and here it is:

I was over-eager with all the stained glass fragments, but I still like the result! I wondered, how it would look with matte top coat and tried it out:

With matte finish the gold fragments look duller and the shimmery particles in my pink polishes stay hidden, but the pattern looks more defined. Hmm, I still cannot decide, which finish I like more :)

Do you like the glossy or matte version more?

Base coat: very cute white based indie polish with matte pink glitter called Theoretical Girlfriend by Vivid Lacquer bought on Etsy
Stained glass: A-England Rosebower, Kleancolor Pastel Pink, Picture Polish Electric Dream, OPI Elephantastic Pink, p2 gold Next Exit Party
Matte Top Coat from Born Pretty Store