Wednesday, January 8, 2014

31DC2013, Day 21: Inspired by a color

Ta-daaaa! Please welcome the fantastic Dragon, an absolutely marvelous, shimmery, warm, forest (dragon-) green nail polish made by A-England.

I thought about this polish as soon as I've seen the "Inspired by a color" topic of the 31 day challenge.
Think about perfection polish-ified: great formula, opacity in just one coat, scattered holo effect, warm golden shimmer. Ohhh, I'm about to drool now! :-D But look at it! It is impossible not to, right?!?

I painted two coats - more out of habit than for coverage.
The cute fly is from Hexnailjewelry  and it's actually a bee ;). I first saw this charm on a fantastic gradient mani done by Sarah from Chalkboardnails. I loved the green-gold combination and had to have the charms as well!  I ordered online and it worked like a charm (pun intended ;-) ). I paid something like $2 for shipping of 16 charms to Europe - a really great price compared to some other shops.

I used nail glue, but after three days, the charms still didn't fell off. I had to use brute force to remove them and ruined the charms :( Next time I'll just put the charms on my wet top coat.

This post marks the end of the easy part of the challenge.  Next comes the "inspired by ..." section - inspired by a song, book, movie... Damn... Since I'm still really bad with free-handing, I'd have to think of some creative ideas to cover the upcoming topics... Well, it is a challenge, right?..