Saturday, December 14, 2013

31DC2013, Day 18: Half Moons a.k.a. Ruffian

I saw this black mani and decided to create rather the crescent moon than the red half moon design for the 31 Day Challenge.

CND for Ruffian Fall 2010
This style is also called Ruffian, since it was created first by CND artists for the Ruffian Fashion Show in 2010. As for me, it looks much more elegant AND modern compared to the classic retro half moon mani. But for a 50-ies dress, I'd probably go for red half moons :).

Dior 2010

It is VERY easy to do and no special tools are needed. Check out for example this tutorial on Youtube. I thought it would be difficult to achieve the clean line without any clean up, but it was much easier than I thought!  I'll definitely do this style again.
Do you see my poor broken pinkie? I didn't just break the nail, I flipped it completely over. It doesn't hurt anymore, but looks terrible. Hopefully, it will heal soon...But nobody died of a lost nail until now, right? ;)

Base Color: two coats of pale gold by p2, 900 Next Exit Party
Second layer: one thick coat of shimmering pink by Yh Beja, Color 10,  bought in South America